‘Local optimisation projects deliver shareholder value’ True or false? 0

In my previous post I demonstrated a method for identifying a root cause using the data from the Standish Chaos report as an example. This analysis suggested that the causes proposed in the report itself were symptomatic of a much deeper cause . The cause I proposed was that the organisation doesn’t know why change is necessary. […]

Project Management Failures – Standish (Chaos) report 2015 0

The Standish (Chaos)  report has been published for a number of years now and it is always a sobering read for those involved in project management and in particular, projects involving computer technology.  Of particular note is that there has been no significant change in the statistics quoted below since the mid 90’s. For those […]

Why traditional cost accounting fails to support productivity improvements 0

Problems Associated With Traditional Management Accounting Techniques The traditional role of accounting is twofold; to assist management to make informed decisions about  that which will  impact the future performance and  to ‘keep score’ in regard to historical performance. That component which relates to  guiding management  is where most of the influence occurs as it not […]

Productivity – Is everyone on the same page? 0

It occurred to me that the productivity improvement debate could benefit from an alternative perspective Whilst everyone might be using the same term, it is not necessarily so that  we have the same meaning , agree on what it is that we as seeking to apply  productivity to and whether the the terms ‘productivity’ and’ […]

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Hi and Welcome to my website   The purpose of this website is twofold: To provide an opportunity for me to publish my thoughts and observations from a business perspective with a view to inviting comment by like-minded individuals and To create the opportunity for organisations and individuals to find and evaluate  my experiences and […]