Protecting yourself from unscrupulous real estate agents



My name is Gordon Dunbar and I am in the process of writing a book/developing an online course about how to protect yourself from unscrupulous real estate agents when you have  decided to use one to sell your home.


I have discovered through personal experience that there is a wide gap between a very good real estate agent and a very bad one and that the home seller really needs to be fully informed before engaging an agent in a transaction that is probably the most financially important to you.

I have therefore come up with the following initial list of topics that I think a home seller needs to consider before engaging a real estate agent

  1. How should I negotiate the agents commission for a win/win outcome?
  2. Who should pay for the marketing costs?
  3. Should I sell my house at auction or not?
  4. Can I rely on the real estate agent’s estimate of my houses value?
  5. What are the minimum terms and conditions I need to have in my agency agreement contract?
  6. Should I put a price on my house fittings (curtains, movie room, pool cleaning equipment, microwave etc)?

However, it is clear that this list is not complete and therefore I would like to get feedback from you to the following question:

If you were going to sell your house using a real estate agent, what 3 key issues/concerns would you really want to be get advice on  before you engaged a  real estate agent?

If you provide me with those three issues, I will offer you in return a free copy of the book/course which will include a comprehensive response to your issues.


If this is of interest to you, please fill in the following detail and I will register you to receive a free copy of the book/course when it is published. I expect it to be available in about 3 months (by November 2014).


Alternatively, you can email me directly at

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