Theory of Constraints -Basic Concepts

TOC basic conceptsTheory of Constraints was a real eye opener for me. I remember in 1992 being handed this book ‘The Goal’ by Eliayhu Goldratt and being surprised on a number of fronts. Firstly it was a business fictional novel and secondly, that the message was so contradictory with everything that I had learnt and experienced up until then


It caused me to question my most basic assumptions about what defined  and determined business success. What I think differentiates TOC from many other improvement methodologies is that it is grounded in common sense. However more than that, it uses cause and effect logic to prove the logic than then underpins the argument for change. TOC , Lean and Six Sigma are entirely compatible applications which when used together can result in transformational outcomes

My commitment to learning about TOC has resulted in recently completing a book on the topic,  the details of which you can find here:





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